UPlikace is the official mobile app for students of Palacký Univerzity in Olomouc. UPlikace gives you detailed overview of your studies including a well-arranged timetable, exam date schedule or interactive map of Olomouc. You can enroll or unenroll from at exam date anytime. Also, you will get a notification once exam result is published in STAG or even when there is a vacant spot within an exam date.


  • view of all enrolled courses and information about them (syllables, annotations, teachers),
  • well-arranged timetable with courses and exam dates including subject currently in progress,
  • information screen regarding ongoing and following actions,
  • progress of studies with summary of pre-exam and exam results,
  • list of all the exam dates for easy scheduling of the exam period,
  • enrolling to an exam date and unenrolling from an exam date option,
  • interactive map of Olomouc including highlighted university buildings,
  • immediate information regarding new exam result in STAG,
  • new exam date notification
  • newly vacant spot within an exam date notification

Read more: http://uplikace.upol.cz