Identification cards

Office hours

Office hours of the ID card office
(Biskupské nám. 842/1, Armoury building, 2nd floor, Computer Centre, door no. 3.87)


9.00 - 11.30

13.00 - 14.00


9.00 - 11.30

13.00 - 14.00


9.00 - 11.30

13.00 - 14.00


9.00 - 11.30


Always check the availability of the ID card office in the reservation system.
Please make a reservation for a slot at
Submit your inquiries via HelpDesk ( – category "Identification cards and validation stamps".

General Information – mass distribution of ID cards to 1st year students and of validation stamps

Student will receive an email that the card is printed and is ready to be picked up. It is important to wait for the email before coming to the location of issuance. The card is ready to be picked up only after receiving the email. The email will contain a link to the reservation system which must be used to order a term to pick up the card.

Student can also find out if their card was printed at after logging in the system and searching their name in the search bar. If the card is printed, there should be a card number and date of creation displayed.

It is possible to pick up the validation stamp or the ID card outside the mass distribution period in the ID card office during office hours.

ID card office will be open for students and employees based on the registered term in the reservation system or based on previous telephone agreement. If necessary, contact Helpdesk, email or call 585631840.

Instructions for new students

Students entering UP should open their online application form after receiving Notification of admission to study at (Login is the same as when you created the application).

Then proceed as follows:

  • Choose a type of identification card (student ID card – hereinafter ID card) in menu Card selection (see CARD TYPES).
  • Upload your photo in a passport format. Black and white photos are unacceptable, as are photos from the side, with items covering your face, low contrast or unsuitable background, etc.
  • Foreign students must always use their first assigned birth code in Czech Republic.
  • Agree to the personal data processing.
  • Send the application for the ID card by pressing the button in the form.
  • Student will see payment data after sending the application also in menu Card selection – section Payment.
  • You cannot change the type of ID card after sending the payment for the ID card. You must contact the ID card office via Helpdesk or in person to make such change.
  • Application and payment for the ID card shall be sent as soon as possible, they are necessary for making of ID card.
  • After receiving the email that the card is printed you can come to the specified place and pick it up. Student can also find out if their card was printed at after logging in and searching their name in the search bar. If the card is printed, there should be a card number and date of creation displayed. The card is not active on the day of creation.

Further information:

It is necessary that the ID card is selected, and the payment is sent to ensure that the cards are prepared for mass dispense of the ID cards to all of the incoming students. Late posting of the application will affect the date of ID card issuing.

Students are required to have an identification card (ID card) in accordance with Act. No. 111/1998 Coll. of the Higher Education Schools. Student ID card (ID Card) confirms the student's legal status, which entitles them to use rights and benefits under legal regulations or under the internal regulations of the university.

Students of full-time study program use ISIC cards with international validity or a standard blue card. Students of combined, distance, lifelong form of studies, and employees receive standard blue identification cards with Palacký University logo.

The benefits of the ISIC card are available at

Students, who already have ID card from previous studies at UP Olomouc do not have to send a new application for an ID card (only exception is in case of studies at FoM and FoHS, see  “Do I have to send a request for a new card if I have one from my previous studies at Palacký University?”),  ISIC card validity can be prolonged by purchasing a new validation stamp using online payment method in STAG (not mandatory for use within the UP).

Students with valid ISIC card from other universities should apply for a new ISIC card issued by UP Olomouc as other cards cannot be used within information systems of UP Olomouc. They can also apply for the standard blue UP card, but should they change their mind and want an ISIC card after their old one has expired, they will have to pay a fee for changing the type of card. Therefore, it is advised to apply for ISIC when enrolling.

Students are required to change the type of card from ISIC to standard blue ID card if they change the type of studies from full-time to combined.

Students of Life Long Studies cannot apply through electronic application, they have to apply personally at the ID card office.

Instructions for new employees

It is necessary to come to the ID card office after signing of the employment contract to process the employee’s card. You can check if the card can be printed by typing your name into the search bar on If no result shows up, your personal information has not yet been processed by the HR department.

Bring a passport size photograph with you, either in paper form or electronically, so that you will be able to send it to us via email at (can also be done beforehand). Due to security reasons, we cannot accept USB flash discs and other portable storage media.

The first card print is for free. If the card is lost or damaged, fee for a new print is 200 CZK. The payment can be done by card or cash at the ID card office.

Employee must return the ID card in person in the ID card office upon termination of employment no later than three days after the termination of the employment. This text is also in the contract to borrow ID card.

New employee will receive three printed contracts to borrow an ID card along with the ID card. One contract is intended for the employee, the second for HR department – employee should deliver it in person or via internal mail, and the third is stored in the ID card office.

Login for logging into Portal UP: In the header of the contract to borrow an ID card you will find user ID for logging into Portal along with the assigned email address. Further information such as setting your password can be found in the Guide for Foreign Employees at:

Password to Portal is the same as to the university email. It is listed in the header of the contract to borrow an ID card along the login to Portal UP.

Entrance accesses are set up based on an email request from the head of the department or building administrator (according to the customs of a faculty). The request sent to Computer Centre by head of the department or building administrator must include number of the identification card (identification code), name and surname and required access. For entrance access requests please contact the secretary of your department.

In addition to the standard employee card, it is also possible to print a chipless employee card or an ITIC card for teachers, further information bellow.

ID card types and their use

  • ISIC
    ISIC card is the only proof of student status recognized worldwide. It is issued to full-time students only, upon their request. The card is valid for 16 months and must be revalidated later on to be used for international discounts. ISIC card enables students access to all the UP apps, serves as a proof of student status outside UP, gives students opportunity for exclusive discounts and advantages (in shops, restaurants, education, entrance fees, travelling, accommodation, bank allowances, etc.), more at   
    Students of Faculty of Medicine and students of Faculty of Health Science will receive an ISIC card with a printed coloured strip on the back side of the card. Further, the back side will serve as a name tag at University Hospital Olomouc.
    Students can prolong the validity of their ISIC card by purchasing a validation stamp.
    If a student does not prolong their ISIC card validity the card will be deleted from the database of active ISIC cards and it will become useless outside UP where it remains valid as a standard student card. 
    Purchase of revalidation stamp is not mandatory at UP.
    Electronic validity of the ISIC card at university is reactivated automatically after continuation to next year of studies. The card serves as a student card during the whole period studies.
  • Standard blue card
    This card is meant for students of full-time study programs who do not want to have an ISIC card and for students of other types of study programs.  It is valid only at UP. Validity of this card does not have to be renewed. It is deactivated upon completing or interrupting the studies.
    Students of FoM and FoHS will receive a card distinguished by graphic element. It will serve as a name tag at the University Hospital Olomouc.
    The card remains valid throughout the whole period of studies.
  • Employee ID card
    Employees can use their ID card for catering, building entrances, payment at FreshUP and for borrowing books. If you have received your card before 2007 and you have paid the deposit, you will get it back when you return your card. The deposit fee is not required since 2007. Furthermore, ID cards are redesigned according to new visual style with a stripe including a description of their position within PU (employee, teacher, senior) on their right side.
    Please note that a so called free account for meals is set up on the employee’s card from working hours equal to or more than three hours per day, where monthly expenditure is subsequently deducted from the salary. If the card is lost or stolen, please, report it immediately (via Helpdesk, phone call or by email) in order to block the card.
    Employees can use their cards as an ID card at Olomouc Research Library. More information can be found at (Benefits).
  • Chipless employee ID card 
    This type of card is meant for employees of the UP who are simultaneously students of the UP. Students are required to have an identification card (ID card) in accordance with Act. No. 111/1998 Coll. of the Higher Education Schools. Chipless employee card serves as a proof of employment for benefits and discounts of third-party providers. First card printing is free and same rules as for standard employee card apply, including returning the card within three days from termination of employment. It is issued upon the employee’s request. It is visually differentiated from standard UP employee card with pictogram.
  • ITIC
    ITIC (International Teacher Identity Card) is the only internationally recognized ID card for teachers. It can be issued only to academic staff of UP with employment of at least 0,5 indefinite or definite at least for 12 months. The ITIC license is valid from 1st September of the relevant calendar year until 31st December of the following calendar year. The card validity can be extended by purchasing a validation stamp at CC at the ID card office. An application is required to print an ITIC card, such application is not required to print the employee card. The ITIC card replaces the standard "blue" UP employee card as it works equally within the access system, in the canteen or in the UP library. Information regarding benefits can be found at (Benefits). Other discounts for travelling, culture, sport etc. are available at

Following card types include only a pictogram, not a photograph:

  • Canteen ID Card
    This card is used for the needs of UP canteens and it is distributed by Accommodation and dining office.
  • ID Card for short-term visitors
    This card is used by short-term visitors visiting for a period of time shorter than three months. It is distributed at the ID Card Office upon receiving a request through the system from a faculty employee responsible.
  • Parking card of PU 
    This card is used for parking within premises of University Hospital of Olomouc. 




200 CZK

LOSS/THEFT (standard UP card)

200 CZK

(fee for loss/theft + 250 CZK for new international licence)

550 CZK


200 CZK

CHANGE of surname / title / photography

150 CZK

CHANGE of card type from UP to ISIC
(150 CZK fee for change of card type + 350 CZK for international license)

500 CZK


VALIDATION STAMP, first license (international ISIC validity),
new license upon printing a new card after loss/theft/damage
of ISIC card

350 CZK

Deposit and card distribution

Deposit payment for student card

Both types of ID cards are issued under a deposit of 200 CZK, which is refundable upon fulfilment of conditions in the “Identification card application contract”. Students who would choose International ISIC card must pay additional fee for the international license.

Deposit for the ID card is forfeited in case of non-enrolment to the studies.

Applicant admitted to studies will follow the instructions in the online application form (
Student that was admitted to more than one studies (more faculties) should send only one ID card application form and pay a deposit only once.

How to pay the deposit for the ID card: 

  1. Online payment
    You can pay the deposit by the payment gate at Portal using you bank card. We highly prefer this form of payment. Click the “Pay deposit online” button available after login to Online Application Form (, then you will select card type and upload photo.
  2. Payment by bank transfer
    If a student cannot pay the deposit online, he/she can pay it by bank transfer to: bank account number/bank code 19-1096330227/0100. You must include your unique variable symbol from the Online application form ( and write your name and surname into the payment note. Incorrectly written variable symbol means your payment will not be paired and therefore the student card will not be issued.
  3. Payment at the ID card office (exceptional cases)
    Students, who haven’t sent their application form using Online Application Form or for some verifiable reason have not paid the deposit by any of the aforementioned ways, must pay at the ID card office.

Identification card distribution for the first-year students

Place and date of the mass ID card distribution are published in September on the Computer Centre website – section General Information – mass distribution of ID cards to 1st-year students and of validation stamps. Students will receive information regarding the ID card print via email. Students can find out whether their card is printed by entering their name in the search bar at

First-year students pick up their cards during the mass distribution.

It is possible to pick up the validation stamp or the ID card outside the mass distribution period in the ID card office during office hours.

Where to put credit to the ID card for canteen and xerox services

Collecting remaining credits after the end of the studies

If a student ends their study and they want to collect the remaining ID card credit, they should do so as soon as possible before the card validity ends (especially the xerox credit). Student can collect the remaining credits in cash at the Central Library. Student must bring their ID card with them.
Canteen credits can be collected even after the end of studies and after students return the ID card at the ID card office. Credits are returned in cash at the cash office at main canteen at tř. 17. Listopadu 54, after students show their ID card or passport/ID to the office administrator. It is possible to send the credits to the student’s bank account after arrangement with the cash office administrator in exceptional cases. Computer centre and ID card office do not have access to the remaining amount of credits on your ID card account.

Deposit payback for the student card (student card)

Students should return their card as stated in the Contract to borrow an identification card, i.e. 30 days at the latest after they finish their studies. Students lose their deposit after the Deadline. Deposit is returned in cash.
Identification card can be returned to the ID card office via postal service only in exceptional and justified cases after previous agreement with ID card office. The deposit is returned to student’s bank account.
Students can keep an ISIC card and use it until its expiration, however the right to refund the deposit is forfeited.

Validation and stamp distribution

The preferred way of payment for the validation stamp is via online payment gate at Portal of STAG in My studies – My payments section using „Pay Online“ button. Students do not have to bring any proof of payment or wait for STAG payment status change to “Paid” when collecting their validation stamp as the payment is traceable by a Computer Centre employee within minutes after the payment. Students can collect the validation stamp almost immediately at the distribution spot or at ID card office.

Validation stamp can also be paid via bank transfer (account no.: 19-1096330227/0100). Students are required to enter a correct variable symbol (it can be found in the “My payments” section), which can be found there from the beginning of September. In this case, students must wait until the payment status in STAG shows “Paid”. This usually takes around 5 days.

Validation stamp is used for inclusion into the national database of valid ISIC cards and for verification of ISIC card validity for discount providers. 

Validation stamp can be purchased after the enrolment to the next year of studies. Payment for validation stamp is not mandatory, without it the ISIC will still serve as a student card within the UP.

Information regarding mass distribution of validation stamps is published here.

It is possible to pick up the validation stamp outside the mass distribution period in the ID card office during office hours.

FAQ regarding ID cards

What will happen if another card is issued?

Your old card will be blocked once a new card is printed. New card will be activated on the following day. Remaining credits for canteen or xerox services will be transferred to your new card as well as list of books lent from library. Your passwords and building entrance rights are transferred as well.

  • Canteen
    If you have ordered a meal on the same day as the day your card is printed you must pick up a meal ticket at a cashier’s desk in the main canteen. Next day’s order will be transferred to your new card. New orders using your new card are available before noon the day after printing of the card.
    FoM or FoHS students and employees who eat at the University Hospital canteen must report change of their card in UH office next to the canteen. New chip number will be then uploaded into their systems.
  • Library
    Book loans are transferred. However, you will receive a new user ID number for university libraries (e.g. C000012345). User ID number is used by students who order books they want to lend online. You will receive your new number from the library employees at desk B or at ID card office when receiving the card. You must inform the employees of Olomouc Research Library about change of your ID card and let them update your new card number into their system.
  • Door accesses
    Set-up door accesses will be automatically transferred.
  • ISIC/ITIC licence number
    Your new ISIC/ITIC card will have a new licence number in case of loss/theft. You inform the relevant discount providers about this change (DPMO, DPP, e-shops), you must also change the licence number in the ALIVE app.

Do I have to apply for a new ISIC even though I have a valid one from a different school?

Students enrolling to Palacký University Olomouc cannot use ISIC cards issued outside Palacký University as the UP card contains a chip, which is the holder of information enabling access to all UP systems – canteen, buffet, accommodation at dormitories, book loans at libraries of UP, access to buildings, etc. You can apply for the standard blue card, or in case that you want to use the international discounts, we advise to apply for the ISIC, since after expiry of your previous card you would have to pay for the change from the UP blue card to ISIC.

Do I have to send a request for a new card if I have one from my previous studies at Palacký University?

Students who enter the first-year studies again within one or more faculties at PU do not have to send a request for a new card if they do not change a form of study (full-time to distance and vice versa).

Students transferring from FoM or FoHS to another faculty or vice versa must request a new ID card as their card serves as an ID tag for the University Hospital. (ID card is distinguished by a coloured line on the right edge of the card).

If a student of follow-up studies wants to have a new ID card (e.g. loss, damage, theft of the ID card), they must pay the deposit in the online application form (and validation fee for the ISIC card), fill and send the online request for an ID card with an appropriate photography.

Do I have to change a type of card if I will be a first-year student of the follow up studies?

Students who have finished their bachelor studies and who will continue with their studies at master’s level and did not return their previous card do not have to pay the deposit of 200 CZK for a new ID card. If students change the form of studies from full-time to combined, they must apply for a new identification card and they must pay the deposit (pay online button in the online application form). They will receive a standard blue ID card.

I changed my surname, what should I do?

First, you need to submit all relevant documents to the Student Affairs Office and wait until the changes are processed by the clerk and updated in the STAG system. Only then can you visit the identification card office; after paying the fee for change of data, a new card will be issued at the spot.

In the event of a change of surname between the submission of the Application for the issuance of an ID and entry into the 1st year, when the student does not yet have a card issued, you must select the “Block print” option in the online application form, after your surname is changed, contact your Student Affairs Office, which should change your name in STAG. Then search your name in after login to see if the change was already made. Only then can you come to the ID card office. Your card will be printed immediately.

I am a foreign student of the follow-up studies and I have a newly generated pseudo-birth code in the Online Application Form. Do I have to get a new ISIC card?

Foreign students must keep their original pseudo-birth code from their previous studies. If you have generated yourself a new pseudo-birth code, go to Helpdesk in Portal or contact us via e-mail in order to get the pseudo-birth code fixed to the original one. Then there is no need for getting a new ISIC, you just need to get a revalidation stamp. If you have a room reserved at dormitories with the new pseudo-birth code, you must inform the Accommodation and dining department regarding the change of the birth code.

How can I pay the deposit for the ID card as a foreign student (e.g. Erasmus, Ceepus, agreements, etc.)?

If the length of studies is longer than one month and the students do not own an ISIC card from their home or an UP standard blue ID card and they would like to own Palacký University card, students can pay the deposit and license fee (only ISIC card). Students shall pay these fees via the relevant online system available to them (Online Application Form, Portal UP). Your coordinator will inform you about all necessary steps.

Can I change my standard full-time student ID card to an ISIC card?

To exchange your standard card for an ISIC card, simply visit the Identification Card Office during office hours. Your ISIC card will be printed on the spot. There is a fee for changing the card and obtaining the ISIC license, which can be paid in cash or by card (see Fees).

I lost my ID card / My card was stolen, what should I do?

Each user is responsible for loss, damage, theft of ID card and for damages caused by abuse of the ID card. Loss or theft of card should be reported by ID card user via HelpDesk or e-mail at according to the Contract to borrow ID card. Your card will be blocked as soon as possible.
Do not pay validation fee in STAG, payment for a new card (with ISIC/ITIC card also for a new licence) shall be made at the ID card office. Your card will be made on the spot and will be active the next day.
Students using the online version of ISIC in the ALIVE app can explicitly request their card not to be blocked, so that they can use it for discounts until they apply for a new card. However in this case all risks arising from misuse of the lost/stolen card (financial credit, door accesses, licence number) are at the student’s own responsibility.

My card is not working (in canteen, library, room access), what should I do?

If your card is damaged then you have to pay a new deposit fee for a new card at the ID card office. You will then receive a new card. The card will be activated the next day.
If you own ISIC card with a valid license, then the license will be transferred to the new card without any extra fee.
Visit the ID card office during office hours where the functionality of your card will be evaluated. In case of no-fault damage, the card will be replaced for free under warranty. If the card is visibly damaged contrary to the terms of agreement, you will have to pay a new deposit.

Do I have to return my card if I interrupt my studies and what will happen after I return to studies?

If the students keep their ID card during their interruption of studies then the card is electronically reactivated upon their return to studies and the student does not lose their deposit fee.

Do I have to return the card after I finish my studies?

You should return the card as stated in the Contract to borrow an identification card which each student signs before receiving the card. This must be done within 30 days after ending your studies, otherwise the deposit is forfeited. In case of the ISIC card, students do not have to return it and can use the card until the expiration of licence outside the UP for discounts.

The card can be returned via postal services only in exceptional cases after previous agreement with the ID card office with a formal written request to return the deposit to the bank account.

Can I use ID in other libraries in Olomouc?

Thanks to the joint project of the Research Library in Olomouc (VKOL) and UP and thanks to the cooperation of both institutions, UP students (and employees) can use their identification card as a VKOL reader's card, thus replacing their existing card issued by VKOL. The payment of the VKOL registration fee remains.

The use of an identification card for VKOL readers brings several indisputable advantages: in particular, increased protection against abuse if the card is lost and the use of one identification card instead of two.

When do I have to change my student card to an employee card when I’ll become an employee of the university and will no longer study?

The exchange should take place immediately after the end of your studies.
Your canteen account changes from student to free account and you will first use up money from your student account and then your meals will be deducted from your income.

Information memorandum

Dear ISIC and ITIC cardholders,

From the 2021/2022 academic year, GTS ALIVE s.r.o has decided to make two add-ons to the ISIC and ITIC cards: a digital card and and a cardholder’s user account. Cardholder’s user account (My account) will be automatically generated for each cardholder. In addition, all cardholders will be able to use the digital card in the ALIVE App on their smartphones.

To this end, it will be necessary to receive a digital version of the cardholder’s photo and his or her e-mail address (assigned by Palacký University Olomouc) to make the two add-ons (i.e. the digital card and the user account) work; such personal data will be provided to GTS ALIVE s.r.o by Palacký University in addition to the personal data provided under the ID Card Agreement.

The photo is necessary to display the ISIC/ITIC digital card correctly and make it possible to check the identity of the holder of the digital card (e.g. by a services provider). The e-mail address is necessary to provide the cardholder with the login details of the ISIC/ITIC user account. Therefore, GTS ALIVE s.r.o. believes that it is necessary to receive the e-mail and the photo to be able to provide its services linked to the ISIC/ITIC cards to the existing cardholders as well as new applicants.

We have been informed by GTS ALIVE s.r.o. that if you do not consent to your digital photo and e-mail address being provided to GTS ALIVE s.r.o., it will be no longer possible to use the services linked to the ISIC/ITIC card. In such a case, please do not renew the ISIC/ITIC license by making a payment for the validation stamp.

If you do not renew the ISIC/ITIC license, you will still be able to use the ISIC/ITIC card as a Palacký University student/employee card.

Thank you for your understanding.

Use of ISIC card

Within Palacký University: 

  • Eating at student’s canteen
  • Borrowing books in libraries
  • Copying and printing
  • Accessing buildings or lecture rooms

Outside Palacký University: 

  • Processing of DPMO card
  • ID card to Research Library in Olomouc

Complete database of discounts can be found at   



Head of the Operations Department: 
Mgr. Leoš Jurásek MBA
+ 420 585 63 1822

ID Card Office:
(room 3.87)
Mgr. Lucie Vítková
+ 420 585 63 1840

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