Software services for employees

  • Purchase, distribution, license management 

 University employees have various software programs at their disposal at University Computer Center. These programs can be divided among a few groups divided by license terms and conditions: 

  1. Unlimited license programs available to every university employee
  2. Microsoft software programs available through SELECT license and EES (Campus) license contract
    Products under the EES license are available for all university computers, ale employees can purchase those licenses after the contract expiration
    Software from Select license has to be ordered, installed and paid for
  3. Limited license programs, e.g. 10 licenses which are available to workplace which needs is the most
  4. One license programs (server programs or single license programs). Very expensive software installed at only one workplace, other workplaces in need of this program must ask the aforementioned workplace to analyze their own data (e.g. statistic system SPSS+ at Computer Center)
  5. Free programs and trial versions. Do not hesitate to contact your network administrator for help with your selection.

Type 1 programs – unlimited license

Type 2 programs – Microsoft software

Type 3 programs – limited number of licenses

  • Adobe programs
    Acrobat, Captivate, PageMaker can be bought as unlimited licenses
    Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign can be only bought as a cloud license (usually for twelve months) send question regarding licensing and software purchase to Computer Cente
    software@upol.czMgr. L. Jurásek  MBA (1822), Mgr. V. Štěpková (1829)
  • Antivirus software

Type 4 programs – network licenses (one server only)

These programs have only a single license and are available through network. 

  • ASPI – law system